The Queen of Rom-Coms

If you were to ask me what my favorite movie was my answer would be less than typical. While a lot of people have one movie that they could watch everyday for the rest of their life and never get bored of, I have about five of them. So if you were to ask me that question I would just tell you that my favorite movie is a Nancy Meyers movie. More specifically any movie that Nancy Meyers wrote and directed.Whether it be the 1998 classic, “The Parent Trap”, or the box-office hit, “It’s Complicated”, I love what Nancy Meyers brings to the big screen. Compared to other screen-writers and directors, Meyers has the total romantic comedy package in every single one of her flicks.

She has the perfect story line that, unlike most romantic comedies, is actually relatable to. She features the complicated woman, the woman whose love life is an utter disaster, but the woman who went after her dream job and never backed down. Look at Meryl Streep’s character in “It’s Complicated”. Jane owned a successful bakery, something she was passionate about and wanted to do since she graduated from college. She went after her dreams and stuck to them regardless of what else was going on in her life. Meyers features the complicated and strong woman, which makes her romantic movies so much more than something you just view for two-hours. You relate to her characters and those characters stick with you, the strength of her characters somehow inspire you.

Besides the relatable story line, Meyers’ movies always feature the most incredible soundtracks. For years my parents would play the “Something’s Gotta Give” soundtrack at every single dinner party or cocktail party they had. And somehow it always worked, it was always the perfect choice. Whenever I need an extra boost of confidence I turn to the “It’s Complicated” soundtrack, where artists like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and The Shirelles prepare me for what lies ahead. The music just makes the movie so much more than it would be, even with the perfect script.

But the key to Meyers’ movies is the set design. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to move into the beautiful California estate featured in “The Parent Trap”, or the relaxed Hampton’s mansion in “Something’s Gotta Give”. The homes featured in her movies are utter perfection. Take Cameron Diaz’s character’s home in “The Holiday”, who would not want to live in that place? The homes all feature a simplistic style, where white couches and elaborate kitchens take center stage. It is they style I aim to emulate when I get a place of my own someday.

Her films are the total package, they are everything you need and more. If you ever find yourself heartbroken over some guy, or upset about the job you are stuck with, or any other issue that you need an escape from, just turn on one of her movies. Get lost in the stories of her characters, their heartbreak, their strength, and maybe you too will find what you need to face your problems.


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