Tip of the Day:

Sometimes I find myself needing a little inspiration, whether it be because I’m having a bad day or I’m stressed about something. So for awhile now I’ve started writing quotes down in a journal of mine. This is a journal I carry around with me everywhere, it goes where I go. And, while I know I could write this all down in the Notes app in my phone or find these quotes on sites like Pinterest, I enjoy being able flip through this journal that is full of quotes and ideas I have written down in a moment of inspiration. It is so much more relaxing reading out of this journal than looking at my phone, where emails and notifications are constantly popping up.

I have actually gifted a notebook before to someone I felt could benefit from the same type of inspiration I get from looking at mine. It does wonders. Just reading over these quotes and ideas somehow calm you and give you the confidence you need to carry on. So I suggest you buy a small notebook and write whatever comes to you. Write down your favorite quotes. Write down your newest idea, whether it be a metal strainer that is easy to clean or a new filing system you want to implement. Write down whatever it is you find yourself wanting to write down. Even doodle if you need. Just make that notebook something you can turn to when you need to feel inspired and confident. Something as simple as a book full of paper can end up turning your whole day around.


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