I cannot say enough about how great our experience was at Bodega Tobelos. We happened to run into the new CEO in San Sebastián and we couldn’t be happier. He is fanatic! A former Michelin star restaurant part-owner, he knows everything there it to know about Spanish wine and food. We toured his facilities and were pleasantly surprised. Tobelos wines were some of the best we had in the La Rioja region of Spain. Definitely try the Tempranillo, the wine is beyond fantastic and is on the cheaper side. We also tried the white wine which happened to be one of the best white wines we had from the La Rioja region. While Marquilles de Riscal may be well known, the wine at Tobelos was beyond the quality we had at the Gehry-designed winery. Take some pictures at Marqués de Riscal, but save the wine sampling for Tobelos. My family and I would go back just to spend more time drinking wine and talking while looking at the beautiful scenery outside of the Bodegas Tobelos. Alvaro, the new CEO, is fantastic and he alone is worth the trip. He is informative on all things La Rioja and can recommend great restaurants and bodegas along the way. If you visit La Rioja, Spain, make sure to contact Tobelos and make a stop because the CEO and quality of wine make it beyond worth it.


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