The Job Search is on

It is back to the job search for me! It is honestly shocking how many new job postings appear overnight and throughout the day. The job hunt is a constant search through thousands of listings, which can be straining after one application takes around forty five minutes. But thanks to tools like, the search is made easier.

I find to be a great tool, it allows you to limit your search to one city, a certain salary bracket, your level of experience (entry, mid, senior), job-type (full-time, part-time, internship), and even allows you to directly search by company. It allows you to see what is out there and what jobs are available at the salary you want/need to make. It is extremely helpful that also allows you to set up alerts for new job postings for your certain searches. If you are looking for a job, is a great place to start.

Another useful tool is I would always hear people mention “glassdoor scores” but never truly understood what it meant or how important those scores are. allows you to take a look inside the company, viewing how employees rate the company and its CEO. You can really see which companies are worth your time and which are absolutely awful places to work. After finding a great listing on, I usually refer to to see if it is a place I could actually fit in. I find it helpful to view what employees actually report their salaries to be, if there is room for promotion, and generally how well the company treats its employees. It also does not hurt that the website offers a look into the interview process, listing questions and peoples experiences interviewing at that company. If’s listings are not doing it for you, also lists job openings, but usually finding the salary and necessary qualifications is a tad harder on the listings here.

There a hundreds of great ways to find a job, whether it be through networking connections, job board sites like Indeed, or the hundreds of other websites dedicated to helping people find jobs. is a useful website when finding jobs or preparing your resume and cover letter. is helpful if you aim to work for the government. The advice I always get is never limit your search to just one or two websites or methods, use a combination of all tools to help your find the perfect fit for you.

Happy job hunting!


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