Pasta Please!

Just bought a bottle of white truffle oil so I figured I should try it out! Below is the recipe I used.

1/2 box of cavatappi pasta (I used Alma’s)

2 cups Baby Bella Mushrooms

3 large basil leaves, chiffonade

White truffle oil

Parmesan cheese

Cook the pasta as stated on the box. I cooked it until Al dente (8 minutes). While the pasta was cooking I heated up some olive oil in a pan. I sliced up the baby bella caps and tossed them in. With the heat on medium I cooked the mushrooms for a few minutes. I added a bit of butter into the pan as well. Once the pasta was cooked, I took some of the cooking liquid out and set it aside. I then drained the pasta and put it into the pan and poured in a bit of the liquid the pasta cooked in. I added in some grated parmesan and a light drizzle of the white truffle oil to the pan and stirred to combine. Once it all combined I put it in a bowl, grated some extra cheese and placed the basil on top.

It was absolutely terrific and great with a nice glass of prosecco!




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