The Matte Lipstick Your Lips Need

I am a huge fan of lipstick! In my college days, my friends would constantly ask to borrow lipstick from me because they all knew I could provide them with the best colors. Ever since Kylie Jenner came out with her lip-kits I have always wanted to purchase one, but they had always sold out before I could get one. But my prayers were answered when I discovered ColourPop.

ColourPop is the answer to all your Kylie Jenner lip-kit prayers! It is essentially the exact same thing for a fraction of the price. It comes in colors that mirror those that come in the over-priced Kylie Lip-Kits. The matte collection delivers all day color that DOES NOT COME OFF! (However, this also is a problem when applying the lipstick because if you get it outside of your lips you will need a lot of cover-up or makeup remover wipes to get it off.) And since it does not come off, your lips may feel slightly tight once you have applied the lipstick and it has dried. It also may start to look a little cracked after a few hours to be sure to reapply to ensure your lips look their best.


From the picture above you can clearly see how similar the two formulas and colors are. Do yourself a favor and go to You can buy about 5 ColourPop matte lip sticks for the price of 1 Kylie Jenner lip-kit. That is five colors of the same quality lip stick rather than one overpriced bottle! I got all of my sorority sisters onboard the ColourPop train after allowing them to sample one of my shades, Lumiere 2. Lumiere 2, my favorite shade of ColourPop matte lipstick that I own, is a fantastic deep color with a light purple tint that everyone loves. My friends and I were once asked if we were wearing Kylie Jenner lipstick while we had it on.

If you want to look awesome and follow the new lipstick craze, purchase yourself some ColourPop matte lipsticks. You will not regret your purchase and will want to go back for more.


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