Olympic Opening Ceremony Party!

This Friday I am throwing a small Olympic Opening Ceremony Party for my two best girlfriends and, my mom and her two best girlfriends. We decided the best course of action was to get wines and food representative of different countries to make the night extra festive. Below is our wine, food, and decoration selections. Be sure to watch the Parade of Nations this Friday at 7:30 PM on NBC!


South Africa– Graham Beck Brut Rose (Non-Vintage): $17.99 at TotalWine

Spain– Glorioso Reserva 2011: $13.99 at Costco

Italy– Conte Fini Pinot Grigio: $11.99 (special price!) at TotalWine


France– Brie and toasted French Bread (bought at Publix or any supermarket)

Hungary– Hungarian salami (found at World Market)

Switzerland– Gruyere (found at supermarket)

Greece– Spanakopita and Barefoot Contessa’s tomato and feta salad (all items and ingredients found at supermarket)

Vietnam– Shrimp summer rolls (ingredients, including rice paper, found at supermarket)

United States of America– pigs in a blanket, because why not (found at supermarket in frozen section)

China– potstickers (found in frozen aisle in grocery store)

Great Britain– strawberry shortcake (shortcake is originally from the U.K apparently!) with blueberries and whipped cream (all ingredients from supermarket)


World Market had a great selection of small things to decorate with. We found chocolate Euro coins and coins from around the world. We also found Chinese fans for $3.99 each. They also had paper plates and napkins with flags from around the world on them. In my costume box I found fake gold medals to scatter around the house, which can be found at Party City. If you feel you need more decor, Party City and Amazon both have amazing selections, including funny plastic hats and flag toothpicks.

I decided to take the hard route and cut out 100 flags from around the world to decorate the house with. I also printed out miniature flags from the countries I have food and wine from to put on toothpicks to make marking the cuisine easy.

Here is the link to the website I got the 100 printable flags from around the world: http://mrprintables.com/printable-world-flags.html

I hope you watch the Opening Ceremony and of course, go Team USA!


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