A Few Travel Must-Haves

I have done way too much traveling this summer! Whether it was to Spain, Miami, New York City, or the Hamptons, my suitcase has some serious miles on it. So as I prepare to pack-up my bags once again for a short trip to North Carolina, I find myself thankful for a few items that I always take with me.

First off, you will need a good suitcase. For Christmas, my parents bought me this awesome set of two Samonsite suitcases from Costco and no gift has ever been more useful. The set included one large and one carry-on size suitcases, both with rotating wheels. I have to say, those wheels make life so much easier. The rotating wheels allow yo350-100245432-847__1u to pull the suitcase next to you with little effort or strain. It simply glides which, is extremely useful in airports and cities. You can buy the set for $159.99 at Costco (with a membership). Note: avoid hard-sided suitcases, I’ve seen too many broken hard-sided cases sliding down the luggage carousel to ever buy one. Soft sided suitcases allow for optimum overstuffing since the top can expand a bit.

Another useful travel necessity is a make-up bag. I tend to buy way more make-up than I will ever need so having a place to store it all while traveling is a big deal. I got a monogrammed case from Buckhead Betties that fits all my make-up and travel needs. I also purchased a pencil case that is the perfect size for all my makeup brushes. If you want to purchase a great case, go to buckheadbetties.com to view their selection.

Another tool I highly recommend is a portable phone charger. They come in handy when your phone dies mid-flight or walking through a new city with GoogleMaps killing your battery. A lot of companies give them out as gifts, which is how I got mine, but you can buy them from various stores as well. Target sells a wide variety of portable chargers and phone charging cables too.

There are a lot of travel necessities but those three are musts for any traveler. And it does not hurt to always have a spare pair of headphones, sunglasses, and phone charging cables because you never know when you will need them.

I’ve also learned that when traveling to a city where you will be doing a lot of walking, it never hurts to carry a mini deodorant around in your purse. This is not just useful for summer trips but winter as well. In the winter we all know a lot of restaurants and shops will blast their heaters making for a cozy, but sweaty, visit.

As Rick Steves says: “keep on traveling”.


One thought on “A Few Travel Must-Haves

  1. snowtoseas says:

    Great post! I really like the tip about having a pencil case for make-up brushes. Somehow, that never crossed my mind but it makes perfect sense! Portable chargers can be lifesavers too!


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