Low-And-Slow Eggs

While some people may claim that cooking scrambled eggs over high heat is a big don’t, I tend to think there is no right or wrong way to cook eggs, especially scrambled. If you prefer scrambled eggs cooked to perfection in a matter of seconds, more power to you. It always annoys me when chefs on TV insist that eggs are only cooked right when done over low heat with almost constant stirring. Scrambled eggs should be prepared however the cook wants them to be.

But, if low-and-slow is your style or you want to try it out for yourself I have some pointers for you. First off, I am in no way a professional chef so all my advice comes from personal experience and hours binge watching my favorite Food Network shows. Second, these are merely suggestions, so if you like to cook your eggs your way then that is fine by me.

Tip #1: Use butter. I am strictly a butter user when I make eggs, whether they are scrambled, fried, in an omelette, or any other way. I find the butter adds flavoring and provides a smoother consistency. I like to use Kerrygold butter because it is so rich and creamy, but any butter works!

Tip #2: Mix the eggs in a mixing bowl, liquid cup measure, or any bowl in your cupboard. My parents were always big on cracking eggs into the pan and then scrambling. I always disliked this method because the whites were already starting to set up by the time the scrambling began and the white and yolk were not well combined. Cooking it that way you always end up with chunks of egg yolk and chunks of egg whites on your plate. But by whisking the eggs before they get to the pan, the white and yolk become one and your eggs are all a delicious yellow color.

Tip #3: Use a whisk, not a fork. This is just a personal preference. I tend to scramble eggs better when stirring them with a whisk.

Tip #4: Add cream into the eggs before you mix them. This makes for incredibly fluffy eggs. Plus everything tastes better with cream. I tend to use half and half, which works just as well. I have tried milk, but came to the conclusion that cream just does more for the dish. But avoid using almond milk or rice milk or other milk substances. As much as I love almond milk, adding it into my eggs led to a bit of an off taste.

Tip #5: Keep the temperature low and cook em slow. It will take a lot longer than kicking up the heat to high, but it provides for extremely creamy and delicious eggs.

Bonus tip: add goat cheese. Put in as much as you feel but definitely add it in. I tend to add it in right before the eggs are done so it all mixes in with the eggs leading to a smooth and tasty mixture!



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