And Tonight’s Dinner Is…

As most of the country knows, there is a lot of tropical activity right now, such as, creating Tropical Storm Hermine, which will be making Florida landfall today. Since I am currently residing in an area of Florida under a Tropical Storm Warning, with the potential for heavy rain and possible tornadoes, my entire family has decided to all stay at my parents’ house to ride out the storm.

I’ve been through my fair share of tropical storms and depressions, and while the weather channel gives these storms a lot of hype, rarely do we get the extreme weather they predict. My freshmen year of high school our city experienced a tropical storm, but all that came of it was a lot of rain and no power for an hour or so. So although tornadoes are a very real threat, my family is treating this as more of a rainy day. We are making delicious lobster pot pie to warm our souls as the cool rain pours down all around us.

Luckily, we have our wine cooler stocked with delicious wine so riding out the storm should not be a problem. And since we hope to not lose power, we have movies lined up for tonight’s enjoyment. (Do not worry! We live in Florida and have since I was born so there is a generator, flashlights, natural gas hookup, and bottled water on hand as well.)

I will be sharing the Lobster Pot Pie recipe and any notes I have later tonight or tomorrow morning (depending on if we still have power). I hope your Labor Day weekend gets off to a less rainy start than ours!


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