NYC Must Visits: City Cakes

New York City is known for its creative and delicious food that spans various cultures and cuisines. Anyone that comes here to visit or stay has a wide variety of choices when it comes to food. One of my favorite NYC hunts has been for tasty sweets, whether it be a cupcake or cookie, and everything between.

Since foodstagramming is all the rage in New York City, it is easy to find an instagram with tons of photos of outstanding food options from hundreds of restaurants in the city. I follow around ten food instagram accounts to be sure I get a wide sample of what the city has to offer.

For weeks, I had perused these sites and took down the names of the places I had to go to but, what I failed to include in my list was the addresses. This has made it become more of a game. I like to take long walks around the city and it just so happens that I usually stumble upon one or two of the places from the list on these walks.

One day, I was walking down 8th Ave and decided to cut over to 7th Ave using 18th Street, and there, sitting, hidden away at basement level was City Cakes. I had been dying to go to City Cakes ever since new_fork_city posted a picture on their instagram back in December. The unusually delicious thing about City Cakes is that they give you the option of having a large blob of buttercream frosting spread over your cookie. As a frosting lover, nothing sounded better.

So, I went down the narrow staircase, through the minuscule hall, and into the small shop to get a taste of what City Cakes had to offer. If you plan on going, I warn you in advance that this store is very close quarters. I was in the store with two other customers and it was a bit cozy. Getting out of the store while other guests are trying to come in is basically i

mpossible. One of the two parties would need to wait since the narrow hall and doors make it cramped. But I found the small space to give the store a unique level of charm.

They offer a lot of different flavored cookies and cupcakes. You can even custom order cakes for special occasions. I had a tough time deciding between the “killer red velvet cream chee16832011_10154064259501261_5431125736721472193_nse stuffed half-pound cookie” and the standard half-pound chocolate chip. I went with the half-pound chocolate chip only because I wanted to #frostandsprink my cookie. #Frostandsprink means they put an insane amount of your choice of frosting and sprinkles on top of the cookie for you.

I will tell you right away that even for a cookie and frosting lover like myself, this cookie is a lot to take in. I was expecting that I would easily be able to finish the entire cookie but I could barely get through half without feeling like a sugar coma was about to hit. I would highly recommend sharing the cookie with someone else, especially if you decide to #frostandsprink.

The cookie had a bit of crunch on the outside but was moist within, providing the perfect cookie experience. The frosting and sprinkles were the perfect addition, making it feel like the food-child of a cupcake and a cookie. The frosting was creamy and ultimately some of the best I have had in the city. I am dying to go back and try out a new flavor. I have heard wonderful things about the red velvet cookie and their many ice-cream sandwich offerings.

If you are visiting the city or have lived here and have not experienced City Cakes yet, I would highly recommend you stop by. City Cakes is located at 251 W 18th St, between 8th Ave and 7th Ave, but closer to 8th. It is on the North Side of the street, with its sign just visible at street level. They usually have a chalkboard sitting next to the stair entrance, but it is easy to miss if you are not looking.

Enjoy the City Cakes and be sure to #frostandsprink!


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