Happy Weekend, All!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

February has been a whirlwind! In some cases my goals have been met, but in others I reverted back to old ways. This has been an incredibly tough week for me so I am going to chalk it up to that. But I am not going to let this week effect my 2019 end goals. I am making a change and working hard to get back on track.

This week torn me down emotionally, but perhaps in sharing my challenges I can help you get through a tough week or day.

It all started on Monday when I was sitting at my desk and I realized just how unhappy my current job has made me. Do not get me wrong, I love the company I work for and admire my boss more than I admire most people. But there is so much about my job lately that made me almost burst in tears.

I think one of the most difficult things for people my age, who are just starting out in the real world, is our careers. There comes a time when you wonder if you made the right job decision, if sticking it out another week or month will bring what you are needed. Then that month comes to close and you insist, one more month and you will be happy at work again.

I have been in that pattern for about eight months now, and it all comes down to utter respect for my boss and all she has done for me. While I have a thousand reasons to leave, I have not left simply because I feel guilt for wanting to walk away from a boss that has done so much for me.

It essentially took an emotional breakdown for me to realize it was well past time for me to move on to another job. If during your lunch break you decide to skip your normal routine to eat a large cupcake and drive around with the windows down while holding back tears, it may be time for you to find another opportunity. If you dread going into the office and have to pep yourself up to do it, you probably should get looking. If you have to hold back tears while sitting at your desk, get yourself out of there.

After my cupcake lunch, I paid a visit to my mom and it was in something I blurted out that I came to realize a job is much more than a paycheck. I said, “I am a happy person, I like being a happy and positive person. But this job is making me unhappy and negative and that is just not me.” Those words will not become the next great motivational quote, but they have meaning.

A job is more than a paycheck. It is more than security for the future or the ability to live a certain lifestyle. A job is somewhere where you spend a good amount of your day, week, month, year, and life. Your job has the power to mold you into a different person than you were when you started. Your job can change you.

In my case, my current job became a place that no matter how positive I tried to make things, would constantly bring me down. The people I sit near are people who constantly complain about their lives. The person I sit next to started to get to me with his loud chewing, finger tapping, aggressive typing, and general demeanor. My workload became non-existent and unchallenging. My boss became so busy that I never heard from her.

Perhaps my job is different than most because all of my team is in a different city. I sit next to people who work for a different company, a competitor of mine. I am surrounded by a business division that is entirely different than mine.

But while my circumstances might be different, all I know is you should always choose happiness. If something is not making you unhappy, make a change! Do not let something or someone turn you into a negative person. Have the courage to let go and try something new.

And that is just what I plan to do! Over this next week, I plan to accept this new job offer and continue to build the life I set out to build in 2019. I choose happiness.

I hope you get through any tough times you might be experiencing! Better things are just around the corner. Have faith and never give up! Good luck to you all and I wish you a weekend full of happiness!



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