NYC Must Visits: EATALY

When I first moved to New York, visiting EATALY was at the top of my list. I had seen pictures of the store on Instagram, read reviews by various bloggers and papers, and watched various videos showing the stores variety. Having traveled to Italy in the past, I was expecting EATALY's food to be better … Continue reading NYC Must Visits: EATALY


NYC Must Visits: Levain Bakery

Few things are more delicious than a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Especially one that is gooey in the middle but firm on the outside. I thought I had tried (and even baked) some outstanding chocolate chip cookies in my life, but all that went out the window when I took my first bite … Continue reading NYC Must Visits: Levain Bakery


I cannot say enough about how great our experience was at Bodega Tobelos. We happened to run into the new CEO in San Sebasti├ín and we couldn't be happier. He is fanatic! A former Michelin star restaurant part-owner, he knows everything there it to know about Spanish wine and food. We toured his facilities and … Continue reading Tobelos

Fernandina Beach

About an hour from Jacksonville, tucked away on Amelia Island, rests the quaint town of Fernandina Beach. Riding down Centre street, you see the quintessential American small town, with family owned shops and local restaurants. Fernandina Beach is the ultimate get-away from the hustle and bustle of a growing Jacksonville. While you may pass by … Continue reading Fernandina Beach